Yesterday I only made it halfway through my hike not even reaching Fisher’s Pond as I had planned to. Today however, I approached it from the opposite direction and enjoyed another fairly easy hike. As you hike through one section of the forest there are many more spring flowers in full bloom. True Forget-me-nots are especially prevalent here.

True Forget-me-not

Continuing along the forest opens up into a small private meadow and bare tree grows there begging to be photographed.

The Old Tree

The trail follows the edge of the pond for quite a distance and the trees and plants benefit from being so close to the water. Many of the trees are still in bloom.


On the way back I noticed that the meadow seemed a little odd. to the right of the path the grass peaks through all the dandelions but on the left there are no dandelions whatsoever. Very strange.

Where Dandelions Fear to Tread

The yellow you see on the left are another type of flower and there no dandelions in sight.