I had completely different plans today. Today I met Dave at Port Credit to take photos for the surrounding area. Of course today of all days the fates were against me in getting to my destination on time. Since I don’t watch the news I’m not always aware of what is happening around town. Well apparently there was a Mississauga Marathon going on and I just got caught at an intersection. I was only two blocks away from my meeting place but I thought I would wait it out. Silly me. After 30 minutes I did a u-turn, parked my car and walked down the two blocks. Once I got through the crowds to runners I was able to get over to Dave at Snug Harbour. Finally I can get some shots and that I did. First up was the swan slowly paddling its way toward us.


Next up were some birds amidst the seagulls trolling for food at the end of the pier. These little guys were a bugger to get shots of. They are super fast and just plunge into the water out of nowhere. But I had some successful shots that I’m pretty proud of.


After some time spent tracking these birds with the camera we headed to the park further up river to get some shots of rowers and kayakers. Nothing too exciting came out of that. But I did get this shot of a Red Winged Black Bird.

Snack Time

A phenomenal day for me for bird shots. And my favourite one of the day is…


Such an interesting capture of a very wet bird coming out of the water. Love it!