It’s been a few years since I’ve hiked the path downriver from Grindstone Waterfall (aka Smokey Hollow Falls or Great Falls) and things have definitely changed. The river has receded back from the shore and many more trees have toppled into the river due to the erosion along the edges. A very different hike from what I have seen in the past.

Grindstone Creek

Today my interests seemed to lie in photographing the flowering trees and shrubs in bloom at this time of year. Namely the lilacs whose fragrance can be overpowering at times but when the light hits them just right they are even more beautiful to photograph.


I passed a flowering tree on my way to the car and I haven’t been able to figure out its name but I know I’ve seen them before. The tree has small blooms that grow in a half globe formation.


Although I didn’t get as many images as I had hoped sometimes days like this happen. The great thing is I have lots of older photos from my times along the path. I will be back again either in fall or winter to see what’s become of the path then.