The last time I hiked this path Borer’s Falls was barely a dribble. I had higher hopes that there may be a little more water pouring over the edge today. My hopes were dashed as I rounded the bend and saw this:  

Borer’s Falls

My late start meant the sun was high overhead when I took my photographs of the falls. I really should go back to this one day when there is a large rainstorm a day before. Since Borer’s is so close to the parking lot I still had to make my way along the path.  The first part of the trail is pretty easy with great views of the valley below but soon I find myself at a staircase leading down the cliff side. Along the side of the cliff wild Columbine peeks out.

Wild Columbine

A long haul down the staircase and steep hill of the cliffs brings us to a crossroads with the main trail going to the left and the Ray Lowes side trail to the right. Continuing along the main trail it abruptly turns right and continues to head downhill. Crossing a small stream the trail heads up again to meet up with Valley Road.

Step this way

My one challenge with some of these sections is it lulls you into a nice leisurely hike and then throws a large cliff or staircase in your path to keep you on your toes.