I had a client meeting this morning in Orangeville so I decided to do a late afternoon hike just north of the Mono Cliffs park. It was a nice sunny and not too overly warm day.  Parking at the side of the road I had a nice conversation with a couple just finishing up their hike for the day. I was off to a rather late start at 2pm so I decided to only hike a small easy-going section. Heading up a small hill from the road the trail leads to large meadows.

Just Over the Hill

Leaving the fields behind I climbed over stile and had the pleasure of seeing for the first time ever a Bobolink. Now of course I didn’t have my super long lens so there was no way I was going to get any good shot since they were pretty skittish. This is one bird that you may need to set up camp for. Here is the closest I was able to get to one.


After spending some time trying to capture a photograph of this bird  I gave up and hiked down a short hill and into a forested area. There are some interesting trees along this path. One greets me as I turn a bend and another sits high at the top of the meadow.


It was nice to have some great clouds in the sky today to keep more interest in my photographs.

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