Today’s hiking goal was to hike from Sydenham Lookout to Rock Chapel Road. I have done this hike previously with a friend of mine but it has been a couple of years since I hiked it. I do remember a very steep staircase but I think I’m ready to tackle it today. The first part of the trail is a nice leisurely walk along the top of the escarpment.

A Walk in the Woods

About halfway down the trail I found the stairs so down I went. They took me about halfway down the escarpment before the trail splits. The main trail turns to the left and then turns to the right heading downhill once again.


Finally  reaching the bottom a bridge takes me safely across the river and then back uphill to Rock Chapel Road. So my short hike ends here and I head back to the car . Before leaving I stop to take a few shots of the Sydenham Lookout with Hamilton in the distance.

Sydenham Lookout