A couple of members from the Brampton Photo Group met up with me today to go out shooting. No prior plan was in mind when we met but the decision was made to drive over the zoo to get one last glance at the elephants before they departed for good. After a miserable day of rain and wind on Friday it was nice to get out. The weather was still overcast with a chance of rain but it was pleasant enough to walk around. Many critters were out enjoying the cooler temps which made picture-taking so much easier on us.


This peacock was strutting his stuff in the hopes of attracting one of the females in the area. Let’s just say they were more interested in picking at the grass than really paying much attention to his floor show.

Peacock strutting his stuff

As we walked around we seemed to getĀ to certain animals right when the zoo keepers came out to chat about them. So we ended up learning a lot more than we usually do just wandering around. Bonus! Our first zookeeper was at the elephants where we learned they wouldn’t be moving for a while, which means more photo ops!


When we first approached the cheetah pen the animal was curled up in a ball right against the glass. Talk about a hard shot to get. But luckily for us the zoo keeper decided to feed her so off she went to an area that was perfect for getting some great photographs of her. I got some really beauties.

Midday meal

We have three small white lions that have joined our zoo and all three were out in full view. The only issue was there was the nasty looking fence in the background and then when they did move to a better area they went below the fence line and there were no clear shots to take. Argh! Thems the breaks I guess. That just means I have to go search them out on a safari instead šŸ˜‰

Baby white lions

Another addition to the zoo is little Hudson, our baby polar bear. When I walked up to the enclosure I fully expected a mini sized bear. This little guy is massive! He still has some growing to do but in the six or so months that he’s been around he has grown like a weed.

Baby Polar Bear

There were of course many more animals to see and photograph at the zoo but I’ll save those for another post.