My original plan today was to head down and hike the trail in the Spencer Gorge Wilderness area and it started out that way. After paying ten dollars (wow prices have doubled since last I was here) to park I headed to the lookout for Tews Falls. Something seemed a little off, for one thing the markers were all blue. When did this become a side trail?

Tews Falls

After taking some photographs here I decide to head over to Websters Falls but after hiking the kilometre or so I found out that the trail down to the bottom of the falls is permanently closed. When the heck did this happen? At this point I decide it was time to find another section to hike. I persuaded the girls to give me my money back and jumped in the car and headed to Sherman Falls instead. Now here is a waterfall that thankfully I had full access to.

Sherman Falls

Sherman is the perfect waterfall to photograph in midday as it is in shade the entire the day. Referencing my trusty Bruce Trail map I noticed that Tiffany Falls was only a two kilometre hike away. Well, I just had to go over and photograph that one as well.

Tiffany Falls

Tiffany has a lot less shade but after spending some time here I noticed these shafts of light grazing the top of the waterfall which added some interest. After playing for a while I was ready to head home and start processing.