My friend texted me to say he was available to go out shooting today so I hopped in the car and met him at the carpool. I wanted to take him to the two waterfalls I posted about on Sunday. Our first stop was breakfast. We stopped at Brown Dog Cafe Shop in Waterdown where I decided to take him over to Grindstone Falls. So after a yummy breakie we jumped in the car a drove literally around the corner to visit the falls.

Grindstone Falls

As the sun broke through the treeline and more of the light hit the waterfall we decided to pack up and move to our next stop which was Sherman Falls. I am just so in love with the potential photographs with this waterfall I just don’t know what to shoot first. My only problem is that I have noticed that my shots seemed a little repetitive with the ones I shot on Sunday. There were a few different shots this week but I guess things just weren’t flowing for me today.

Giant’s Stairs

On Sunday I had walked to the next waterfall, Tiffany, but today we decided to drive to spend the least amount of time in transit. Well, seems I had no clue how to get to the parking lot. A few wrong turns and double backs later I finally found the parking lot. This waterfall was the furthest away from the lot then the other two so we got a little hiking in. šŸ˜‰ I spent more time on the opposite side of the river but it was when I got in super close to the main action that I noticed the stream of water.


Once we were all photographed out it was time to hit a pub before the trek home. The Coach and Lantern Pub, located in lovely Ancaster, supplied us with good food and drink. Once sufficiently satisfied we headed home.