After a rough start to the morning I was soon headed up to Tobermory with a few members of the Brampton Photo Group. Our goal was to do an evening shoot and an early morning shoot before heading to Flowerpot Island to finish up our trip. After settling in we grabbed some lunch before picking up our gear at the inn. It was then time to scout out our possible evening shoot at Singing Sands Provincial Park.

Visions of Summer

There were quite a few people getting wet today which was a nice change of pace for me. Every time I had been there the beach had been pretty much deserted. One of my favourite things about this beach is the sand ripples it produces. Some are shallow but others are fairly deep but both are fun to photograph.


After exploring the beach and the surrounding area we piled back into the minivan to head back to town for dinner before our sunset shoot. This afternoon we had decided to go to the lighthouse for sunset but when we got there we realized that the sun wasn’t in the right place. So we booted it over to Singing Sands to photograph there.


As I was shooting some little girls came bounding down the beach into the water. One little girl was left behind and eventually turned back towards her parents. She looked so sad walking back without her sisters.

Left Behind

An hour after the sun went down it was time to head to bed to get our beauty sleep before our early morning wake up call.