After breakfast we booked ourselves on the 11am shuttle to Flowerpot Island, where we were to spend the day wandering its trails before we headed home. The shuttle takes about 15 minutes to get us to the island and after disembarking we listen to a Parks Canada employee give us the spiel about the Island. We were initially told that there were still a few orchids blooming along the Marl Trail but the only orchid we were able to find is the Striped Coralroot which was on its last legs. At the end of the trail we did luck out on finding two different snakes – the Northern Watersnake and the Eastern Gartersnake.

Northern Watersnake

Retracing our way back to the dock we hiked straight past the flowerpots to the island lighthouse station. The Friends of Flowerpot Island can be found there along with a museum and the “Loo with a View”.  There are a few things to see here and we decided to have our lunch and enjoy the pit stop.


After our lunch we headed down the Lighthouse Trail and then back towards the flowerpots. A couple of us decided to climb the stairs to the cave but unfortunately none of my shots I took really worked out. Our next stop was the large flowerpot. There are many different angles you can shoot this. This time I wanted to try to incorporate the small flowers that grow between the cracks in the rock.

Large Flowerpot

I would love to come back during sunrise to re-shoot this one. I think the colours would be amazing. Walking further towards the docks brings us to the final and smaller flowerpot. Looking north towards the smaller flowerpot allows you to frame both flowerpots into your shot.


Too soon it was time to head back to the ferry dock to catch our ride into town and then home.

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