This morning Lisa and I went back out onto the Etobicoke trail in search to birds to shoot. This time I was armed with my 500mm lens. I had high hopes that we would see a couple of birds but luck was not on my side this morning. Lisa pointed out a Heron nesting high up in a tree with no real clear shot at her so we moved on. Then it was on to find some Cedar Waxwings and American Goldfinches. I resorted to using my iBird app to see if a Goldfinch would show itself if I played the call. And it did!!

American Goldfinch

This was pretty much the only bird that wanted to play this morning. We traveled a little further down the path and saw some small muskrats but they were too quick to get a clear shot. After that it was time to head home so we packed up and hiked back to her place.