I always say that I’m going to go somewhere to shoot fireworks on Canada Day and for some reason or another I never actually make it. This year I vowed to try again. My friend and I had plans to hit the Oh Canada Ribfest in Waterdown so we headed down there to get us good cooking and music. WE ended up staying for a few hours but soon we were on our way back to my place to hang out and watch the neighbourhood fireworks. I missed a few of the best ones but I did finally  grab my camera to get a few shots. My test shot of the area turned out to be one of my favourite ones.

Shooting Stars

Most of the fireworks after I set up my camera were typical of what you see above although taken at a shorter shutter speed. I did manage to catch the end of this one that reminded me of hairy spider legs.

Hairy Glowy Spider

I gave up shortly after as the fireworks were few and far between.