I started today’s journey from Kinsmen Community Park. The one thing I have noticed about walking the Niagara section is the amount of critters I have come across and today was no exception. My first encounter was with a grasshopper who posed patiently for me.

Carolina Grasshopper

Eventually he hopped away and I continued my hike along the trail, only to find another little creature hidden among the flowers. I found him while trying to get a photo of a dragonfly.

Common Red Soldier Beetle

I have seen these beetles pretty much everywhere including my own backyard. Most of my hike afterwards was uneventful, hiking past vineyards and through the forest. That is until I was making my way back. I was lucky enough to see a white-tailed deer and a small mole but unfortunately I was not able to get a quick snap before they vanished but I was able to get some shots of a bluet.

Familiar Bluet

This little guy kept flitting from plant to plant until finally I was able to get a shot of him.