Today’s journey started in the Iroquoia section much later in the day than I normally head out on my hikes. We were supposed to get thunderstorms this morning in my end of town and all we got was a few minutes of rain. By noon the blue skies had appeared so I got myself ready and headed out to the Dundas area. The problem with the lack of rain was the humidity that hung in the air. I barely got half a kilometre down the trail before I was sweating up a storm. The start of my hike took me down a road and into a forest on the edge of a golf course. Once inside the trees I found an interesting looking moth perched on a leaf.

Clymene Moth

The trail was fairly flat for most of the hike and luckily wasn’t too strenuous since it felt like walking though water. Towards the south end of the trail a beautiful red barn could be seen.

Up to the Barn

As I neared the end of the hike I had the luck of running into a white-tailed deer and this time the camera was at the ready and the golf course beyond the trees deterred the deer from running too far.


The deer and I played a little hide and seek before it finally gave up and headed further down the trail before disappearing entirely. I followed along but had no luck relocating the deer. I suspect it ran across the course to the trees close by. Walking out of the forest and onto the roadway I stopped to get some shots of the clovers that grow alongside it before heading home for the evening.