With 11 kilometres left in the Niagara section of the Bruce Trail I had originally attempted to get it all done today. Unfortunately I had very little success on finishing but I did make it through 5 kilometres before turning back to head back to the car. The heat wave has made hiking much more difficult than usual. Starting out at Mountainview Conservation Area I parked and headed into the overgrown entrance to the trail.

Mountainview Conservation Area

It was a steep uphill climb but once at the top it was smooth hiking. The trail continues along the escarpment before exiting out onto Ridge Road. Walking along the road the trail then turns onto Thirty road before heading back into the forest. Along the roadside I spotted some goldfinches playing among the Queen Anne’s Lace.

Goldfinch by the Roadside

The forest soon opens up onto Park Road where the trail heads back uphill to Ridge Road E. I hiked to the entrance that lead back into the forest before deciding to call it quits for the day. I decided to take the quicker route back to car which meant hiking down Ridge Road until I reached the entrance back onto the trail by Elmtree Road. Along the way I found many areas of the roadside crawling with Bindweed.


Originally I thought they were morning glories, which would not make sense since it was midday and they were still open. I did find out they are a part of the morning-glory family which explains why they are so similar. Thus ended another hike along the trail.