I had some business to get done in Flesherton and figured instead of driving the two-hour long drive home I would spend the night camping at Craigleith Provincial Park. It was my first visit to the park and I only had a few minutes to set up before my meeting. I did a quick check to see the paths to the beach before heading out just in case it was already dark out when I got back. After my meeting I did make it back in good time to get some good shots of the sunset.

Swimming in Georgian Bay at Sunset

A few people were still out cooling off in the bay and they made some great silhouette shots. The sun was quick to hide behind the horizon but the colours it left behind were spectacular. Pinks and blues made up the sky opposite where the sun had set.

Path to the Campsite

A beautiful end to the day. I had planned to eat and then go back to do some star shooting but I ended up getting a little too cozy in my sleeping bag and decided to get some sleep since I would be up for the sunrise.