I decided to head out to Pretty River Vally Provincial Park for my morning hike before heading home. I got a little turned around on Grey Road 19 but I was soon able to find the parking lot I was looking for. The hike started out going through a field before heading up over a hill and then back down into the valley.

Opening up

Many new types of wildflowers are out this time of year. During my hikes throughout the year its amazing to see all the different wildflowers that show up in spring that are soon gone and replaced by new ones by the time summer is in full swing. The hike continues upriver along a stream and then crosses over to the other bank before crossing over it once more. Small cascades flow down the stream here, meaning some good photographic opportunities.

Pretty River

From this point the trail continues uphill for quite a while and eventually hits the highest point along the Bruce Trail just off the main trail. It was a difficult hike uphill and I was so happy to see the side trail marker which was my turning point. There are many dragonflies in the park and I was able to pin one down on a branch.

Common Whitetail Dragonfly

Dragonflies are very skittish and never really stay still long enough to get close to. Thank goodness for long lenses and loads of patience. This whitetail only let me get of a few shots before it flew away into the bush. After that it was on to the car and back home with my comfy bed waiting for me.