Today I headed out with my friend Nigel in search of the Raptor Conservancy. According to the website it was located in Vittoria while Google maps had it at a different address. On the way down we decided to check out the Killman Zoo.

Bull Terrier Rabbit

This little rabbit reminded us of a miniature bull terrier. Isn’t it just so cute? It was about the size of plum. There was also a peacock that was strutting his stuff in a cage nearby.


I just love how the colours shine. We wandered around the zoo some more checking out the big cats. The lion serenaded us with his roar. Most just slept in the corner of their cages making it hard to get any good photographs of them. The place was like a maze that seemed to go on and on but we eventually found the end where we found the Sika deer.

Sika Deer

After spending almost two hours here we decided it was time to go and get some lunch before continuing on our adventure.

Stay tuned for the next post to see what happens.