Previously I had finished hiking through the Boyne Valley Provincial Park which meant today I would be hiking along the Boyne River until I hit Mulmer Hills just north of the park. After climbing over a style I was taken down into the valley to the river below. As I was heading up out of the valley I happened to look behind me and see these bright red mushrooms attached to a mossy stump back at the water’s edge.

Ling Chih

The path continued straight uphill out of the valley to a meadow. It’s been rainy for the last couple of days and the clouds were still lingering ominously in the sky. The trail weaved back and forth along the edge of the meadow before finally turning back into the forest which would offer some protection is the clouds decided to let loose before I was done my hike.

Meadow & Hay

Eventually the path took me onto a short road and then onto eight and second line. For here I walked down the road to first line and back to my car. Along the way I passed a few homes and some farmhouses. This shed was standing on the hill looking sad and lonely.

Old Shed

As I got back into my car for the ride home the rain started its pitter patter. Luck was definitely on my side today.