Today I spent a lot of time focusing on the plants along the trail while hiking in Mulmer Hills. With rain finally soaking the area lately the mushrooms have made their appearance and you know I can’t resistant taking photos especially when they peek out of their hiding places. These three look like a little family coming out of their home to venture out in the world.

Orange Mycena

Yes, I have a funny imagination but I have a lot of time to think while I’m wandering the woods. Mushrooms can bring a lot of colour to area.  This one is just starting to poke its head out of the ground.


Another thing about mushrooms is that they have the most interesting shapes. Usually I only see this type of shape underwater in the Caribbean waters.

Comb Tooth

Of course, mushrooms are not the only plants adding colour to the forest floor. Goldenrod is in full bloom and can be found everywhere you turn these days.

Tall Goldenrod

Ground cover the forest is definitely more dense since the rains started in August. We complain about it when it ruins our plans but it converted the forest fairly quickly making it more lush.

Red Clover

While the ferns compete with other plants in the forest, Red Clover dominates the meadows. It was good to see more green in the forests after such a dry summer.