With the new camera in hand I headed out to try it out on the Bruce Trail. I decided to stick with the same lens even though it was made for a cropped sensor I wanted to keep things consistent but it has a good range. The other good thing is the reduction of megapixels. I didn’t want to do such huge files right off the bat especially since almost half the images would be with the older camera. It was a little difficult working out my settings as I was hiking but I figured “Sink or Swim, baby”. My first outing went pretty good considering I stopped every few hundred metres to change another setting. This portion of the path has the remnants of an old power house. It was a little creepy squeezing past it but once on the other side it opened up and you could get a good view on the inside.

Power House

The river rushes by it on the other side and the trail continues upriver and then turns away from it and heads uphill. The dampness of the area of course means more mushrooms and you know me, gotta get a pic of it.

Mica Cap

After crossing River Road and following the river further upstream the trail turned to the right and headed uphill before finally opening up to show a view of the Pine River. The trail then heads down to the lake below. As I was walking along the lake I startled a Pickerel Frog. It stayed still long enough for me to get some great shots.

Pickerel Frog

All summer I had been trying to get a photograph of these jumpy little critters and finally I got one! And with my new camera!! Woohoo me! The rest of the hike was fairly uneventful and soon I was back at the car and heading home for the day.