Originally I had attempted to drive up a portion of the road before parking and hitting the trail that leads to Black Bank but upon turning uphill and the crazy maneuvering to avoid tree branches and washed out sections I thought it best to reverse back downhill and walk my way up. As I hiked back up I realized just how bad the road actually became as I got further along the road. Good thing the car was parked at the bottom of the hill. Once up at the top the trail turned, went over a stile and continued through the trees. As I walked a little further I came across a register for the Bruce Trail.


At first I thought “Could this be the halfway marker?” but alas as soon as I thought it I knew I was wrong. So I added my name and continued my hike. Earlier in the summer as I was perusing my Audubon book on flowers I noticed a flower called Butter and Eggs that apparently grew in the area. I had searched off and on during the summer and today I finally found it.

Butter and Eggs

Now to me they look like snap dragons. I guess they named it after the colours? As I was headed uphill I noticed a large bird in the distance and of course I stood and gawked at it trying to figure out what it was completely forgetting I had a camera in hand with a pretty good zoom. Oops! Climbing over another stile I found this very unique looking mushroom.

Bear’s Head Tooth

Such an odd name as well. Unfortunately this one was in full sunlight so the light is very harsh. I mean how often do you get to see mushrooms outside of the forest darkness? I continued my journey until I hit the road where I strapped on my helmet, jumped on my bike and road back to my car before heading home.