This morning I met a few members of the Brampton Photo Group for a special outing. Today we were going to focus on shooting with film cameras in the local cemetery. My friend Nigel was great enough to bring a Minolta Twin Reflex Lens camera for me to use. It was an amazing experience as I shot both colour and infrared film. The Brampton Cemetery is a great place to shoot as it is a mix of old and new with enormous trees interspersed between the grave stones. The oldest graves can be found here from the first residents of the area. Since there is a bit of a wait for the film to be developed I did a couple of shots with the digital so I would have something to post.


Thanks to Greg for reminding me that this gravestone was here and for a different viewpoint. I had shot it before and was happy to try out some new angles. As lunchtime approached the members started to leave which left me with the rest of the day to do as I wished. So I decided to head north and try to get more hiking done in Black Bank.

Black Bank

I only did a small portion of the trail since daylight is now starting to fade a lot faster. The great thing about this hike is the little critters I discovered in a meadow while walking the first couple kilometres.I was initially hoping to see a praying mantis but I spotted this large yellow garden spider instead.

Yellow Garden Orbweaver

Originally I had thought that the spider had wrapped up some food but in doing some research I realized that this was an egg sac. A little further along the path I noticed a little lady bug hanging out on the leaf of a plant and as I got closer I noticed a pair having a wee bit of fun on another leaf.


After these interesting sightings the rest of the trail seemed a little dull as I hiked down a hill toward a stream and then back up again, skirting along farmers fields before emerging onto the main road and walking back to my car.