Today I was joined by the editor of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine and a great friend to hike our way through the last of the Dufferin Hi-Land section. Roy and I packed up the bikes on the back of my beetle and headed northward. Our plan was to park at the top of the trail and ride our bikes south to Regional Road 21 and then hike the trail back to the car.

Ready to Ride

As we got our bikes down the first hill gathering momentum to go up the next hill Roy’s bike decided to give up. His back wheel jammed leaving us to hike the full 10 kilometres of the trail. It was sad that our plans had to change but the lucky thing was that this happened very close to the car and not further down the road. It turned out that this part of the trail is one of the easiest with 3 kilometres of the trail along an old dirt road.

Follow the lines

The last kilometre veers off and has a slight downhill before turning and heading uphill into a meadow. The top of the meadow meets up with our turning point so we found a shady spot to sit and have a snack before doing our return trip.

Working hard on Outdoor Photography Canada magazine

Roy couldn’t take too much of a break from the magazine as he did business and hiked at the same time. Pretty impressive multitasking there. Back at the car we still have one more kilometre northwards before the end of the section  (I had done part of the end that leads to the town of Lavender the past week). I convinced Roy that it was super short and would appreciate getting that last kilometre done. Again this part of the trail travels along an old dirt road, this one was just a little overgrown. Eventually it leads to a farmhouse and to the Mulmur-Nottawasaga Town-line.

Stats so far

We planned one last stop before finally heading home. I had happened to mention the Power House facility that was along River Road and Roy was very interested in getting over to see it. We managed to squeeze in a little more time to get over to this ruin and although I was not altogether happy with most of the shots I did shoot one I really liked.


This marks the end of the Dufferin Hi-Land section. It’s been a blast and so far is the only one that I have a full time-lapse video of. Next section is Blue Mountains.