This weekend was my yearly camping trip with my friend Siobhan. Since we booked a little late we ended up at a private campground rather than one of the national or provincial parks. It was a little more pricey but the view was well worth it, especially when the full moon made its appearances.

Blue Moon

I didn’t spend too much time shooting but I certainly got a few photographs and one is now my favourite of the year. As we were enjoying the morning a little chipmunk came by to see if we had some food to offer. Siobhan had luckily packed some peanuts and threw one over to him. As you know you really shouldn’t feed the wildlife but obviously this one was used to feeding from these sites. After he demolished the peanut we decided to give him a few more. It was so funny to see him try to get as many peanuts as possible in his tiny little cheeks. It was a great opportunity to get some shots of him and I lucked out on this photograph.

Can I have some more please?

Every time I look at this photo it just makes me smile. It reminds me more of a cartoon than reality. It is definitely a once in a lifetime kind of photograph. I doubt I’ll have one just as funny as this little guy, who we decided to nickname Kramer.