On Friday night my friend Kayla and I arrived at the Cyprus Lake campground for a weekend away from the city. As soon as we had the tents and tarp up the rain started to fall so once we were done setting up the campsite we headed into town for some food. After filling our tummies we headed to the campsite and crawled into our sleeping bags listening to the rain on the tarp. In the morning the rain was still falling and neither of us wanted to cook in the rain so we headed out for a nice warm breakfast. Before we parked the car I wanted to get some photographs of the stormy clouds at the lighthouse on Big Tub.

Storm on Big Tub

After breakfast we wandered the shops of Tobermory and the skies cleared. We both decided it was time to hit the trail. Heading to the visitor centre we parked and made our way south towards Little Cove Road. As we walked the trail occasionally we would see a “Slow” sign. It seemed a little odd and the only explanation I could come up with is that they allowed motorized vehicles on certain parts of the trail.


The Peninsula section is one of the most stunning areas of the escarpment. The cliffs tower over blue-green waters of Georgian Bay and  eastern white cedars hundreds of years old cling to the edges enjoying the view.

Cliffs of the Bruce

The amazing thing about the Bruce Trail is the amount of flora and fauna that is similar all along the almost 900 kilometres of trail.

Petals of another sort

As we approached the turning point Kayla pointed out three black things in the distant meadow. They didn’t seem to be moving so I wasn’t too worried, That is until I came across bear scat as we re-entered the forest. That was enough to make the decision to turn right around and hurriedly head back towards the visitor centre. As we entered into the meadow again we noticed that the three large dark objects were no longer there. That made us quicken our steps just a little more. We were happy to get back safely to the car.