While I was at Cyprus lake I thought it would be fun to try a couple of new things. A few years ago I learned to poi (http://www.homeofpoi.com) and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw some glow sticks on them and spin them for the camera. So Kayla and I headed down to the beach Saturday evening to wait (not so patiently on my part) for the sun to go down. While I waited I got this great shot of the setting sun.

Reflections of Cyprus

In order to see if the poi idea would work I went to the boardwalk which was a little darker and took this shot of me testing out the poi with some green glow sticks.

Poi at Cyprus Lake

Pretty funky right? Especially with the ghost of me happening in the middle.  So after a few shots I went back to the beach and tried a few more shots.

Art of Poi

My goal was to have reflection of the poi in the puddle just in front and its sort of there but not as much as I hoping. After our fun with the poi we went back to camp and picked up our camp chairs to enjoy some time at the beach under the stars. I planned to practice my star photography, which I did but was not very successful. It looked great on the back of the camera but were blurry once I opened them up on the computer. Here is the best one that came out.

Cyprus at Night

I will continue practicing this and my next try will be out in Algonquin in late September.