I had hoped to escape the majority of the rain today by heading up north and catching the back end of the storm as it headed down towards Toronto. As I drove closer to the town of Lavender I realized that I needed to wait it out a little more so I headed farther to the Blue Mountain Resort to do some shopping.

Fire-hall Pizza

I needed a new pair of summer hikers and what better time to buy than at the end of the season. Finding myself a snazzy pair for $55 I headed out for some lunch before leaving the resort. The rain was now down to a very light drizzle.

His & Hers

I was stoked to be on the trail again with the rain off in the distance. I started at the end of the Blue Mountains section which had an amazing lookout right off the bat. The trail parallels Swiss Meadows Blvd before it turns to Scenic Caves Road. As I approached the 2 kilometre mark the heavens opened and a deluge was let loose. Being in the trees did not allow me to escape in any way.

Rain Soaked

I grabbed a plastic bag out of my backpack to cover the camera as I made my way back to the car. On the way back I still had to take photos for the time-lapse video and of course it was challenging to do through a plastic bag. Let’s just say I will be doing this portion over again.