Today’s journey on the Bruce Trail took me to the  Noisy River Provincial Nature Reserve.  The reserve is mostly forested with the occasional opening onto a meadow.  Walking down the trail it took me through a heavily forested portion before depositing me at Concession 10 where I crossed over and entered another forest on the other side. As I neared a pond  the trees opened up and I stopped short,  just shy of two spider webs across the trail with large Orbweavers in them.


This is where my hiking pole came in very hand. I went through at least six to seven webs in the short hike around the pond. Once clear of the pond I didn’t come across any more spiders. Now I don’t mind the occasional spider or even walking into them IF they are small. These are the size of a quarter or more which is way to big to let them crawl onto me.

I came across a moss covered bracket mushroom which reminded me so much of one of those flyers from Star Wars once I was done playing around with some blurring.


On the south end of the park before entering into the town of Lavender I encountered an area of crevice caves. The caves are difficult to get great shots of and I wasn’t really sure about climbing down into them for a better shot so I decided to shoot these three mushrooms hiding at the base of a tree instead.

A Trio

Probably not as exciting as a crevice cave but certainly a little less dangerous. Getting back to my car I decided to do one last stop before heading home for the day. My destination: Eugenia Falls. This waterfall is usually pretty piddly in summer but we just had some rain and I was hopeful that I would see more water going over the falls. When I got there I realized that more water does not actually mean that the falls is going to be much bigger but at least it wasn’t a dribble.

Eugenia Falls close up

I think this is another one where I need to get down to the gorge below for a more dramatic shot. Something I would rather do with someone than alone for safety reasons.