After work today I decided to do some photography on the Toronto Islands. My friend Derek let me borrow one of the maintenance bicycles so I could make it out to the lighthouse about 3 kilometres away. My first stop was checking out the North and Snug Islands of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The Island Clubhouse is a beautiful nestled in the north-west  corner of North Island which makes for some spectacular views of the sunsets all summer long on top of a great view of the Toronto Skyline.

Island Clubhouse

Now my office is tucked away in another building just to the left of the main clubhouse. The expanse of lawn just in front is the lawn bowling green in case you are wondering why there is so much lawn in front of the building. Moving along I headed over to Snug Island and the main walkway that takes you to the public area of the Toronto Islands. I took this shot below of the boats along the South Islands just before I went over the connecting bridge.

Evening at the Yacht Club

My main goal was to get some shots of the Gibraltar Lighthouse towards Hanlan. The lighthouse turned on its light in 1809 and has been looking over Toronto for more than 150 years seeing the changes that have taken place over its history. After waiting patiently for some folks that were hanging around to move along I was able to get some fantastic shots.


After spending some time here it was time to catch the boat and head home for the day. As I headed to the main dock to take the launch back from RCYC I took one last shot of the city skyline.

Toronto Skyline