Today’s journey on the Bruce Trail took me north of Noisy River Reserve and into the forested area of private properties. Generous landowners have donated certain sections of their property to allow us hikers to continue our hike toward Tobermory (or Niagara for those headed in a southerly direction). Sometimes along these sections of the trail one has to look hard for the markers.

Hidden Marker

Since Autumn officially arrives tomorrow and everyone who knows me knows I love taking photos this time of year of the plethora of fungi that sprout in this season. Here is another photo to add to my unending list of them.

Three Mushrooms

Another great thing about Autumn is the colours that start to emerge. I learned that the leaves turn because of either sugars or carotene that reside in their leaves and that colour changes are dependant on sunlight. In Ontario we are pretty lucky to see the wide range of colours that we do. Soon they will be here and here is a little taste of change.


On my way back to the car I decided to take a short cut down the street rather than back track along the trail saving me almost a kilometre of walking. As I stated in on the last kilometre to the car a storm approached and the wind blew the rain sideways. Needless to say it was not a pleasant walk as the right side of me was soaked after about five minutes. The sudden storm worked its way through in less than fifteen minutes and was on its way to terrorize another hiker.

Approaching Storm

Thus ended another day on the trails.