I was picked up at 8:30am today to make our journey with a couple of others to Algonquin Provincial Park. We were going to take the “long way” to the park. Heading out of Brampton at 9:15am we made our way north and then east along the back roads to find some photo opportunities. There were a few short stops but the most memorable was the stop ins Sharon, Ontario. The Sharon Temple was built in 1825 by the Children of the Peace, a group that had broken away from the Quakers in 1812.

Sharon Temple

After exploring the grounds and the temple we got back into the car to continue our way northward. As we were driving along we noticed an old mill sitting on the opposite bank of a river. Curious we made our way over to it to get some check it out. Finding a picnic area on the site we parked and walked around the small park. The old Austin Sawmill sits by a damn just upriver from the parking area.

Austin Sawmill

Scattered around the area of the mill stand old gears and pieces that once belonged to the sawmill when it was still a working  mill. On the side of the building you will find a working water wheel.

Sawmill Wheel

Soon it was time to leave and get up to the lodge for dinner.