First I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Galina for organizing this trip to Algonquin and feeding us with some really great food. She booked us into the lodge at Bondi Village Resort. The lodge was very comfortable and had many trails, including a lookout trail. We couldn’t pass that one up but before we set out for this trail we drove up to highway 35 and wandered the shores of the Oxtongue river.


We didn’t spend too much time here and soon decided to head back to the resort and make our way up to the lookout. Walking through the main grounds of Bondi we passed a small pond surrounded by lots of colour that was reflected by the still water.


Hiking along the trail and uphill for about a kilometre we finally reached the top which looked out over the bay towards the resort. The lookout was not as open as the one in Algonquin Park but between the trees one could still see some parts of the bay.

Lookout at Lake of Bays

As lunchtime approached it was time to head back to the lodge. As we reached the bottom of the hill the forest opened up into a small meadow and just on the other side was a white-tailed deer munching on the grass, occasionally glancing at us until finally walking into the forest when another couple approached from the other side.

White tailed Deer

Back at the lodge we packed up and prepared some lunch before finally saying our goodbyes to a great group of people. This trip is booked again for next year and I’m looking forward to attending again.