Today’s journey took me into the Devil’s Glen Ski Club and then into the Provincial Park. Parking at the north end parking lot I rode my bike around to the south end and started my hike from there. As expected the trails at the ski club were nicely groomed and very easy to hike through.

The Road Ahead

After passing the ski hills and working my way onto the snow shoeing trails I noticed that the Bruce Trail goes down the double diamond trail. For those that ski you’ll know that the double diamond is supposed to be the hardest trail to traverse. And yes it was a little tricky. The weather was going from sun to rain every few minutes which made the leaf-covered slopes very slippery. This specific trail was a bunch of switchbacks that took you right into the Devil’s Glen Provincial Park. Down near the bottom of the switchbacks was a nice little surprise. Shaggy mane mushrooms popped up along the trail and some were just emerging from the ground amidst the fallen leaves.

Shaggy Manes

Emerging from the forest the trail took me onto a road and then turned back into the forest once I crossed over a bridge. From here the trail headed uphill and according to the trail map it was supposed to be a gentle slope but it turned out to be quite steep in sections, so much so that they added a staircase. Once at the top I found myself at the parking lot as it started to rain once again. I hopped in the car and went to pick up my bike at the other end of the trail and of course on the way home I had to stop and take one last photo as the approaching rain clouds came in.

Approaching Storm Clouds

Now I know you’re wondering – didn’t I already mention it was raining. Yes it was and then the sun came out and the rain clouds moved in again. It was just one of those days where the sun and rain competed for the sky.