Since the weather was not conducive to hiking I spent most of the day indoors catching up on some tv shows. As the light diminished for the day I decided to try out photographing smoke.


It was my first attempt at trying to get these types of shots. I used a short stick of incense to produce the smoke you see here. I’ve come to realize that shorter sticks burn much faster than longer ones.


Making sure I had a black background (I used a t-shirt) I used a reflector to the right and shone the light from the left. It was a little tricky at first getting the light angle right but once I found that things went very smoothly.


The only thing I did was up the contrast and brightness a little to make them pop a little more. Otherwise they are as they were shot. I’m looking forward to try this again when the weather keeps me indoors. I think I may even try this out with my bellows.