Back at Devil’s Glen Provincial Park my plan today was to hike northward towards the Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve. The path from the parking took me along 124 before turning left through a forested area onto a road that I followed into a meadow.

Through the Meadow

Climbing over a stile and crossing 124 I was back into the forest which skirted local farms before taking me deeper into the trees. I spent most of the time hiking in and out of forested areas and farmland. As I walked along something flew past me, at first I thought it was just another leaf but I turned to take a closer look and there was a butterfly.

Mourning Cloak

I didn’t realize that butterflies were still around this late in the year and this was the first time I had seen one in the fall. This one let me get quite close to take a few photographs before flying off. When I got back to the parking area I decided to explore this part of the park a little more before heading home. Passing the Bruce Trail marker I headed in and found a lookout point unfortunately most of the trees here got in the way of my shots so decided to explore.

Out of Devil’s Glen

Today’s hike couldn’t get any better.