Nottawasaga Lookout Nature Reserve stood before me filled with the colours of Autumn. Walking through here this time of year is spectacular and even as the colours fade the effect does not.

As Colours Fade

Soon the leaves will be on the ground leaving nothing but bare limbs. It’s sad to think that all that will be left in a week is leaves on the ground. The trail took me along the top of the escarpment and then down through moss-covered rocks into the valley of trees below. Chickadees sang and flicked back and forth between branches.


The path continued on and I was surprised to find myself following a narrow path downwards to the road below. The problem was more the slipping and sliding down the wet clay rather than the fact that I was headed downhill. When I reached the bottom I considered walking around the park to my car rather than do the treacherous hill again. Checking out my map I figured out that it would be faster to head back up the hill into the park. So sucking it up I trudged up the steep slippery hill.


The trail can be very tricky this time of year when leaves cover the path. When it rains it can cause some very slick conditions. I made it safely back to the car to hike another day.