With the threat of rain coming in from the north I decided to head south and walk the trails on Grimsby Mountain. The path first takes you around a viewing tower used for the spring eagle migration before leading you into a forested area skirting the edge of the escarpment.

Path to Grimsby Mountain

It started out to be a warm sunny day and the views from the top of the mountain were stunning. The leaves were still in their glory here unlike the trails up north.

Colours of Grimsby Mountain

I took the trail back to the car with the occasional stop at the lookouts to enjoy the view. Next stop was the Woolverton Conservation Area which follows the edge of the escarpment with views down to the town of Grimsby below. I heard an eagle’s cries as I walked the edge.


The path soon made its slippery way down the escarpment face and eventually onto 50 Point Road. The weather had turned grey and had dropped a few degrees so it was time to head home.