I’ve been to Tiffany Falls a couple of times this year and there has always been very little water coming over the edge. On my visit this morning it was a little bigger and certainly the river was higher but still not as dramatic as I hoped considering the amount of rain that has come through recently. My thoughts are that the best time to visit is when the snow melt occurs in the spring. Here is a shot of the whole waterfall.

Tiffany Falls

I spent about 20 minutes here trying to get some different angles and viewpoints of the falls before finally starting my hike.

Close up of Tiffany Falls

On my way out towards the trail I bumped into a couple of guys who told me about a smaller waterfall further down. So after climbing up the escarpment and then back down again I followed the river at the bottom upstream to Shaver Falls.

Shaver Falls

As you can see the river has scattered logs everywhere along with rocks ready to trip you at every step. Obviously today was spent on waterfalls but it’s so easy to get caught up walking from waterfall to waterfall in Hamilton. It is the City of Waterfalls after all.