Since I had been stopped by the river on Sunday I decided to park on the north side of it and hike down to the river. I had stopped by a friend’s place to have a quick tutorial on a new program I was going to try out (Thanks Brad!)so I was pretty close to my destination. As I drove down one of the roads it started getting a little creepy. Swampy areas started appearing with bare trees looking down at the me. So of course I had to stop and try to capture it on film.

An Unexpected Swamp

Parking my car at the entrance to the scenic caves section I walked downhill to enter the trail and hike southwards. Reaching the river that blocked my way earlier in the week I stopped here for about 10 minutes to take some photos. Just to the north of the river lies the remains of  Broadleaf Cattails. The cattails themselves have exploded to release their fluff, some are more intact than others.


Autumn has long since been done up here but some leaves still cling to the almost bare trees not wanting to let go. Their colours have changed from the beautiful yellow, red and orange hues to an orange-brown or even pale yellow. The shapes they created as they dried make for interesting subjects.


Too soon I’m back at the car with a plethora of photographs most of which are dead leaves. Should be an interesting time editing all these. 😉