With more warm temps and melting snow it was a challenge to hike today. The trail was mostly ice but my new purchase kept me from slipping and sliding – YakTrax pro was a lifesaver. If you plan on hiking in areas that may be covered in ice take a pair of these along with you. They don’t take up much room in a small day bag so I’m going to keep them in there this winter.

YakTrax Pro

Once down the metal staircase and my YakTrax on my feet I wandered up and down the small hills in the valley. It was still early enough that mist lingered in among the trees here. Along the trail moss covered rock s poke through the retreating snow. I came across an interesting one that reminded me of a nasty deformed orc head. (Apparently I’ve been watching too much of the hobbit movies).

Orc Rock

I had some great light coming through the trees as I walked along the trail. There was one section that I couldn’t stop taking more and more photographs of. It was just so beautiful the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Slippery Path Ahead

As you can see this section was less snowy except for that line of ice. It was the easiest part of the trail to navigate.