I was with my friend getting our gear ready to do some long exposures and there it was. Or really, there it wasn’t. The mount for my tripod was not attached to my camera. Where was it? Well, it was about 100km away in my house attached to my Sigma lens. Why was it there? Because last night I was using it in my Astrophotography class and that’s were it stayed when I packed my bag later that evening in prep for today’s adventure. So that was that. No long exposures were going to happen this morning. Luckily, even though a huge snow storm was apparently on its way the light was nice and bright enough for me to hand hold and shoot away. I did try to use my camera bag as a pseudo tripod but nothing seemed to be working right.

The Old Pier


After about an hour in the cold temps both of us were ready to continue on to our next spot. Of course there was still a decision to be made on where to go next. After some back and forth I remembered that close by was the unique subdivision in Old Historic Grimsby Beach. These homes are not your typical houses. They are little gingerbread homes in crazy and wild colours. You just have to see it to believe it.

Gingerbread Houses

A conversation and short walk around it was on to our next location – the Burlington lighthouses. The Burlington Canal Main lighthouse, a gorgeous stone structure, has been decommissioned and stands is a very awkward spot. On one side of the lighthouse is the bridge, the other side is a green control building another is a road and orange bridge structure. There is absolutely no good shoo to be had but sometimes we have to make do with what’s available. I decided that having the Canadian flag in the photo would add a little to the shot.

Burlington Canal Lighthouse

Not too shabby considering all the obstructions we had to work around. We also visited the Canal Front Range which is a working lighthouse at the entrance to the canal. Winds had picked up even more then when we had started which gave us some really wavy water and some good breaks.


Burlington Canal Front Range

Not too shabby for a day’s outing. We covered three different location with three different subjects. A very good day indeed.