And finally it stopped. The snow did finally stop falling late last night and the plough did make its way along our street in the early hours of the morning. This meant I could do all the errands I had planned for Friday, today! After that was all done it was time to venture out and take some photos of the neighbourhood. Just about everything was buried beneath the snow.

Buried Bench

The day after a snowfall can be so majestic. I love how quiet things get, it’s as though people don’t want to venture out. Even the kids were unable to play in the local playground. I was lucky enough to have found the pathways ploughed.

Unable to Play

Sometimes I wish it would snow like this more often except that it limits the possibility of me getting out of my driveway. One day I will have a car that will allow me to get out of my garage when over an inch of snow falls but until then I remain trapped when days like this happen.


The great thing is it allows me to explore my neighbourhood on foot and sometimes we all forget what is close by.