Galina picked me up from my home today in the middle of a snow squall to take us down to a special outing at the Toronto Orchid Show. We left a little earlier to allow us some time to get into the ravine for some landscape shots before heading indoors to photograph the orchids.

Bridge over River

While photographing Wilket Creek and the bridge I had to be patient and wait for some other photographers to move on as well as a large group of people who happened to walk right into my shot. Patience finally paid off because soon the area cleared out and I was able to get the above photograph.

Next up was the Orchid Show which was the main reason we were here. I attend this show every year that it is held and I’ve always found it difficult to get around the other photographers during the regular photography hours on Sunday morning. This time however was different as we had a special invite for only 40 photographers and boy did that make a difference.

Orchid Pair

I only had one issue – my tripod leg clip snapped off less than an hour into the shoot. No worries though I toughed it out and was able to get some amazing shots. I mostly shot with my bellows and am very happy with all the photos that I took.


This is just a small sample of what I was able to get. The show is worthwhile to attend and it isn’t the only one close to the city in the coming months.