Cheryle and I met up tonight to shoot the Pan-STARRS comet. The clouds had stayed away all day but as sunset approached the clouds rolled in. It looked like we were not going to get a chance to photograph this comet. The only problem with astrophotography is that it is so very weather dependant. That being said there was still potential with our chosen spot. We had met at the Claireville Conservation Area and located on the property is the Claireville Ranch. The horses were out in the field and we lucked out that they were standing between us and the setting sun.


We continued to shoot while the sun disappeared and blue hour began.

Claireville Farm

Some of the horses got a little curious as to what we were doing and came in for a closer look.


The cold starting settling in when Cheryle and I decided it was time to go. With clouds covering any options on the comet it would have to wait for another night.