Today I went to Lynde Shores Conservation Area located just east of Toronto with my friend Galina. Normally I don’t head out that way mostly because it’s just so much easier to stay in the west end. But today reminded me that I need to get out of my comfort zone to find some new places to photograph. As we entered the park I was met by a very large swan that decided to block my way in.

The Gatekeeper

After the  Tundra Swan finally decided to let me continue on my way we wandered the area. There were many ducks and geese around the marsh but as we headed further in we found American Robins and Chickadees galore. I got surprised by a small Chickadee that landed beside me and as I turned to get the shot he flew away leaving me with this surprise photograph.

Spreading My Wings

Walking towards Cranberry Marsh we stumbled upon a herd of deer that were hiding deep within the trees. It was great to watch them but very difficult to get a clear shot so we just enjoyed the moment before moving on to the lake. We looped back around to hit a smaller loop path where feeders were setup. There we found Red-wing Blackbirds, Wild Turkey, Cardinals and more Chickadees.


Female Cardinal

Overall the weather out was wet but the shots we were able to get helped our soggy selves to feel it was well worth the trip (and the awesome pitas we went for after our hike helped).