Okay so I have only tried looking for Pan STARRS once and of course with no luck. So tonight I decided to give it another try. I didn’t care that it was cold out or that my fingers and toes might freeze. I was going to get a shot of this comet even if frostbite was my reward. How did I fare? Miserably. I went out to the high school field in the hopes that I would be high enough to see this thing. As I stood there waiting for the sun to go down it started getting colder and colder. The moon came out and then I saw Jupiter. Did I see the comet anywhere? No. Was I looking in the right place? Yes. Was I high enough to clear the houses and the trees? Probably not. So what did I do? Photographed my surroundings. This is the high school field.

Empty Stands

At this point the sun had set about an hour ago and my toes were almost numb with the cold so I packed it in. I kept an eye out as I walked slowly back home in defeat. Only the moon guided my way as I wallowed in my failure to capture the comet called Pan STARRS.

Moon Above Trees