I went over to my friend Max’s place to do some experimentation in macro using focus stacking. We picked up some flowers to be our subjects for the day and set to playing around with shots and backgrounds before using a rail accessory that Max happened to have in his arsenal. Max was up first working on the first flower and after testing out Zerene Stacker the results were fantastic. Here is my try.

Gerber Daisy

It wasn’t perfect but it was a start. I think I’ll need some more practice at it to get it to work properly. I then decided to try the daisy in some water and a wide vase.

Gerber in Water

I think this was one of my favourite shots of the day. I tried some other flowers but it wasn’t until I shot this thistle that I really had some fun. The interesting shape and the fun I had post processing made the shot for me.


Macro can really open up your imagination and I have to say it opened mine up today.