Some members of the Brampton Photo group met up today for Brampton’s Heritage Walk. The City of Brampton put together a booklet that describes all of the heritage buildings in the downtown core, listing them from one to forty one. We started our tour at building forty one before heading to one and following the tour as described in the booklet.

Jailhouse Rock

One of the first stops was the old County courthouse and jail which now houses the PAMA museum. The exterior still has the bars over the windows which I’m glad they decided to keep as it keeps more of its historical significance. The Old Fire Hall was not too far away from the jail and seemed kind of mystical with the angle of light and the doves flying around its tower. This was the first municipal building in Brampton built in 1854.

Old Fire Hall built in 1854

The building just to the left of the Fire Hall is the Carnegie Library which was built with a donation of $12,000 from American steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. In 1952 they added on the wing along Queen Street which I must say is not as pretty as the original building.

Carnegie Library built in 1906

This brings us halfway through our day. More in the next post.


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